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Are you ready to increase your confidence, build momentum and create wildly successful results? Join Leslie Becker, Broadway actress, Billboard artist, Bestselling author and top Empowerment coach for:
1-hour Coaching Session with Empowerment Coach Leslie Becker. If you’re feeling stuck, you’re making a pivot, or just want to set a great set of goals for 2024, spend an hour with Leslie to jumpstart your life in a whole new way!
1-hour Money Coaching Session and free Financial Peace University class. Leslie Becker is a certified Financial Coach specializing in how to get out of debt using Dave Ramsey’ Baby Steps and money principles. If you’re struggling with debt or simply need to get your financial life in order, call Leslie today!
About Leslie Becker:  
Author of “52 Ways to Level Up your Creative Career” and a 5-Star Reviewed “Unstoppably Creative” Podcast.
What People are Saying:
“Leslie is an excellent personal and career coach. She quickly helped me to recognize my past achievements, define my career aspirations, and move with confidence toward achieving them. And it worked. I am now living a good part of the life I envisioned in sessions with Leslie, I return to her whenever I’m making a new transition in my career.Jeremiah Crowell
Emmy-Nominated filmmaker

Our coaching has been transformational. I feel I’m a better person, and feel more equipped to handle the pressures and challenges of owning a business with integrity and values. With our coaching I’m finding the actual running and growing of my company an easier and manageable process in a way I could only have dreamed of.”

Joseph Harford

Founder/CEO-Airship Interactive


“I would not have been able to get out of own head to start a fintech company had it not been for Leslie.

After years in banking then in startups, my mind and body were a mess from being a workaholic. Leslie helped pull me out of the funk and regain control over my inner critic to rebuild my sense of self. Leslie was crucial in my journey of re-inventing myself.

Christine Su

Founder/CEO of My Financial Counsel