At Oddity Improv, our emphasis lies in characters, relationships, and emotions.


1 hour Improv Workshop - Start Here

At Oddity Improv, we encourage everyone to kick off their improv journey with our one-day workshop especially if you're interested in the core program. Improv is spontaneous performance without a script, using audience suggestions.

Oddity Style - 4 Week Series

Kick off your journey here! Join our four-class series, held weekly, where you'll be expertly led through the fundamental principles of improvisation and our style in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Performance Core-Track

At Oddity Improv, we’re dedicated to crafting vibrant characters
and delving into the depths of their relationships and emotions. 

01 : Improv Intensive

This course consists of 8 classes. Throughout the program, each class will be dedicated to mastering a different technique. The curriculum is designed to be intensive, with each class emphasizing a new skill that progressively builds upon the previous ones. During 01, you will not only acquire greater confidence in your improvisation skills, but also delve into the basics of character development to take charge of your scenes.

(This core track is only accessible to those who have completed a improv workshop or basic series and received an invitation.)

Discount for repeaters, contact us

02 : Character and Performance

In this 10 class course, you'll delve into the art of creating captivating characters and harnessing their distinct "point of view" to direct scenes. We'll continue to bolster your improv skills while weaving in advanced character development. By the end you'll have honed several compelling characters ready for performances. Additionally, you'll begin exploring the foundations of writing tailored to your character's perspective.

(This core track is only accessible to those who have completed “01: Improv Intensive” and received an invitation.)

Discount for repeaters, contact us

03 : Advanced Character Improv

Using characters developed in 02 you will learn to improvise with them and learn the basics of sketch writing. This series will end with one class performance to showcase your improv and sketch skills learned.

(This core track is only accessible to those who have completed “02: Character and Performance” and received an invitation.)


Sketch Writing & Performance


What's next?

At any point in the program, you may receive an invitation to join the prestigious main company of performers, or alternatively, you might be invited to become part of the student weekly sketch/improv show (coming soon). Oddity wants everyone to have a place.

Core Workouts

Improv Workout: Scenework Focus

Refine your improv skills with our 90-minute Improv Scene Workout, tailored for those that have taken or passed 01:Improv Intensive. Led by seasoned instructors, this advanced session focuses on character development, plot dynamics, and comedic timing. Designed for a structured yet creative environment, the workshop offers a professional platform for participants to elevate their improv scene skills.


Specialty Workshops

Musical Improv with Brian Jones

In this two hour workshop, you’ll learn a number of improv singing games as well as how to incorporate music into your scene work. We will warm up and gather around the piano and learn what makes an improvised song work and how to sustain it. Don’t sing? That’s ok, neither does Colin Mockery on Who’s Line, and that’s never stopped him. If you have any fear of musical improv, this is the class for you! Some level of previous improv is recommended.


Industry 101: Navigating the Entertainment Industry with Kelsey Cooke

Join us for an informative and practical workshop designed for adults and parents of children interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Whether you're just starting out or looking to deepen your understanding, this workshop will provide valuable insights and resources to help you navigate the complex world of showbiz.