The following classes are for adults 18+

Begin with an Improv Workshop or a Basic Series, and upon completion, we will send you an email outlining the most suitable path for your progress. If you’re wanting on enrolling in our Core Classes, this is the ideal starting point to pave the way for further advancement

Improv Workshop

Join us for a 90 minute improv workshop where you can learn the fundamental principles and unique style of Oddity Improv. This worry-free experience provides an excellent opportunity for all participants to actively engage. Whether you're looking to hone your skills through games and scenes or trying improv for the first time, this workshop caters to individuals of every skill level.


4 Week Basic Improv Series

Join our four-class series, held weekly, where you'll be expertly led through the fundamental principles of improvisation in a safe and enjoyable environment. This program is meticulously crafted to boost your self-confidence, foster your creativity, inspire experimentation, and promote playful exploration. There's absolutely no pressure in our class! So, come and enjoy your Friday night with us. Whether you're here to master the basics or simply have a blast with friends, this class is your ticket to a fun-filled experience! Discounts for couples!

Performance Core-Track

If you’re invited to the Core Track Improv Intensive, it means you’re ready for an intensive program that fosters performance. However, please don’t be discouraged if you aren’t invited to the Core Track series initially. After every Improv Workshop or Basic Improv 4-week series, we will reevaluate your progress. Our intention is to ensure you’re prepared and set up for success. We never want to advance someone prematurely as it may hinder your own development.

01 : Improv Intensive

(This core track is only accessible to those who have completed an Improv Workshop or Basic Improv Series and received an invitation.)

This course consists of 8 classes. Throughout the program, each class will be dedicated to mastering a different technique. The curriculum is designed to be intensive, with each class emphasizing a new skill that progressively builds upon the previous ones. During 01, you will not only acquire greater confidence in your improvisation skills, but also delve into the basics of character development to take charge of your scenes.

This class is invite only.  Please take an improv workshop to be considered.

02 : Character and Performance

(This core track is only accessible to those who have completed "01: Improv Intensive" and received an invitation.)

In this course, you'll delve into the art of creating captivating characters and harnessing their distinct "point of view" to direct scenes. We'll continue to bolster your improv skills while weaving in advanced character development. By the end, you'll have honed five compelling characters, ready for performances, filming, or simply adding an intriguing touch to your public interactions. Additionally, you'll begin exploring the foundations of writing tailored to your character's perspective. The course culminates in a student showcase, giving your friends and family the chance to enjoy your creative endeavors!

This class is invite only. Please take level one to be considered.

03 : Character Sketch Comedy & Advanced Improv

(This core track is only accessible to those who have completed "02: Character and Performance" and received an invitation.)

Details coming soon.

More core tracks will be updated here soon along with Sketch Comedy classes.