Franklin, TN


We are a joy-infused community that builds confidence, creativity and teamwork through improv. The “YES, AND” rule fosters collaborative, counter-cultural thinking, rejecting competition. It nurtures a supportive space for creative growth via collective development, mutual support, and clean comedy.

We also offer a 4 Week Series on Saturday!

Classes are $185 for a 4-week series, once a week.  Discounts available for siblings.

Oct. 21st 10-Noon
Oct. 21st 4-6pm

Character Improv 101 is a thrilling 4-week journey where young minds will discover the  world of improvisation and unleash their boundless imagination. This once-a-week class is designed to introduce children to the art of Character Improv while nurturing their creativity, confidence, and team building skills.

Course Overview

The first week will set the stage for an exciting adventure into the world of improv. Kids will learn the foundational concepts of improv, including spontaneity, active listening, and building trust within the group. Engaging games and exercises will encourage them to think on their feet and explore the possibilities of creative expression.

During the second week, young improvisers will dive into the heart of Character Improv. They will learn how to create vibrant and memorable characters with distinct personalities, backgrounds, and quirks. Through fun role-playing activities, they will discover the power of embodying different personas while bringing stories to life.

In the third week, children will explore scene building. They will learn the art of crafting compelling narratives collaboratively, where characters interact and evolve within dynamic settings. Through group exercises and partnered improvisation, kids will practice building scenes that spark creativity and laughter.

The final week of the class will be a culmination of everything the children have learned. They will participate in team challenges and longer improvisation exercises that put their skills to the test. This week will focus on reinforcing the “YES, AND” rule, where they will learn to embrace and build on each other’s ideas, fostering a culture of supportive collaboration.

Director of Youth @ Oddity​

Cammy Brickell

Cammy’s joy for performance and comedy started at a young age in Oklahoma where she filmed mock QVC shows in her parent’s basement and tried to sell their household items.  Her show was immediately canceled after the first episode, but this fueled a fire to go after her dreams despite major setbacks. Cammy is now a writer and producer of stage and screen with a degree from Berklee College of Music. She studied comedy at The Groundlings and began her career as a writer and director of live shows in Los Angeles and Nashville. Cammy was a weekly featured comic at THE COMEDY STORE for five years in Hollywood along with appearances on ELLEN (NBC), JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE (ABC), and the hit comedy, SUPERSTORE (NBC). She has also created original children’s faith content for the YIPPEE channel as well as original musicals and scripts for larger church productions in Los Angeles. Her production of “FROZEN Jr.” sold out with over 5,000 in attendance. She currently has an original feature film in production that is set to shoot in Paris, France in late 2024. Cammy is a vocal and performance coach with her client’s top billed for NICKELODEON and AMERICAN IDOL. She has served as the artistic director of Calvary Center Stage in Westlake Village, CA. She recently relocated to Nashville, TN and is LOVING IT!